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Program Overview 

This overview will provide you with the high-level information required to understand the ELEVATE Program areas of focus, the intent, and the desired business and organizational outcomes that will ensure your subscription business journey is fruitful and worthwhile.

Siemens ELEVATE 

Subscription Strategy & Planning

The Strategy and Business Planning session is designed to help you transition your business to effectively execute and monetize a software subscription services business. 

The Financial Planning and Modeling session will help you weave usable business and financial forecasts.  These projections will help you test and model scenarios and give you an integrated view of the proposed business and further refine your new hybrid business model. 


Siemens ELEVATE 

Subscription Financial Modeling & Planning

The sales model and compensation planning workshop is designed to help partners transition to an altered selling motion that aligns with subscription-based software, digital services, and IT solutions sales.


Recurring revenue sales compensation will be explored and proven Do’s and Don’ts provided.

Siemens ELEVATE 

Subscription Sales Model & Compensation 

Siemens ELEVATE 

Subscription Packaging & Pricing

The Marketing 2.0 session focuses on the need and importance of developing a marketing approach and framework that will allow you to create the required regimen to grow and sustain the pipeline required to generate sustainable and growing monthly subscription sales.  

Siemens ELEVATE 

Subscription Marketing 2.0

The Subscription Solution Packaging and Pricing session is designed to enhance your go-to-market (GTM) strategy by focusing on the critical aspects of properly packaging and pricing your service elements to ensure enhanced margin impact beyond that created by your core subscription and cloud solutions.

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