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Assess Partners business readiness to drive cloud growth - at scale...

January 5, 2018


KloudReadiness' businesstrakker SaaS platform is designed to help Vendors and Distributors determine their Partners current cloud posture and business readiness to ensure you know which Partners can successfully drive cloud services sales and produce results today.


We capture all the major elements and decision points that need to be weighed and vetted prior to a decision to invest are known so that your sales, marketing and engineering enablement activities create the desired outcomes and returns you require.


The Problem


Vendors and Distributors are spending a great deal of time, money and resources trying to enable a Partner Community that’s just not ready.  The reasons they’re not ready have nothing to do with your Sales and Technology enablement programs, but rather are foundational.  Partners’ imbedded inhibitors include:

  • Transactional laden business models not positioned to deal with recurring revenue business…

  • Sales models that are primed for legacy business, but ill equipped to grow recurring revenue…

  • Sales plans that are antiquated and not aligned to drive a cloud services subscription model…

  • Systems and processes that are not capable of tracking or managing a recurring revenue model…

  • Insufficient capital on hand to invest the funds necessary to become cloud builders and compete…

Vendors and Distributors are at a disadvantage as they don’t have coverage models that allow them to identify and understand their Partners cloud posture and willingness to commit to creating a truly viable cloud services practice.


In many cases your channel enablement dollars are squandered and wasted, and your growth targets are not achieved which then forces an already overloaded channel sales organization to take up the slack and drive cloud sales to achieve cloud services sales, in lieu of channel carrying the load.


The Remedy


With businesstrakker you can understand your Partners Community’s true business readiness to enter the cloud and would allow you to truly determine who’s ready to produce today and what the rest need to be productive and drive cloud services sales – all at scale.  KloudReadiness can tell you:

  • Who’s ready to drive cloud services sales today…

  • Who’ll be ready to drive cloud services sales tomorrow…

  • Who won’t be ready or productive, but will gladly take your time and money…

In addition and of utmost importance, we can provide you with the underlying information that’s vital to preparing a Partner segment to leverage your enablement program and begin producing real results because we can drill-down and tell you:

  • When a Partner will truly be ready to produce on a consistent basis…

  • What gaps exist so that you can target the right prescription for the right ailment…

  • How are they progressing towards being able to leverage your enablement program…

Our purpose-built SaaS decision support platform provides these and many more insights, enabling Vendors and Distributors to pick the right horses now and double-down on those who can help drive the results that you expect, thus clearly understanding who can jump into the race tomorrow as you require scale and increased channel horsepower.


Next Steps


We’d like to show you our purpose-built platform and discuss how we can create a program that will provide you with true visibility into where your Partner Community stands today and how you can pinpoint and address the actual needs that will unlock the true power of your Partner Ecosystem.

provide you with true visibility into where your Partner Community stands today and how you can pinpoint and address the actual needs that will unlock the true power of your Partner Ecosystem. 

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