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It’s summertime and the living is easy… Part 2

I’ve had the great pleasure of listening to another podcast this summer that has captured my attention and accompanied me on my morning runs this summer.

It's All About the Questions is the work of Laura Steward who is an iHeart Radio Host, Strategist, and Keynote Speaker. It’s All About the Questions is exceptional in its scope and variety. Laura has a background similar to mine, however, she’s taken her curiosity and thirst for learning and created a podcast series that includes fantastic guests, is interesting and truly frames the impact and effect of asking better questions.

You can tell she is passionate about her “why” and is having the time of her life meeting and talking with people from many different backgrounds and experiences. Some of my favorite episodes include:

  • Customer Obsession, Journey Mapping and the Future of Business with Jay McBain

  • The Mindful Millionaire with Leisa Peterson

  • Navigating Grief during the Holiday’s with Dr. Joan Rosenberg

Shoot, who am I kidding - I’ve been impressed by everyone of the episodes as they’ve taken me to new places, with people who I otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to or met.

So, if you’re looking for a broad-based educational fix that is fun, interesting and actionable – tune in to iHeart Radio or Facebook Live.

Next week, I’ll actually switch gears from the ease and portability of podcasts – to the joy of actually holding a book in one's hands and sharing with you a great read that I’ve just finished.

The book has changed my views on how to prepare for the future and increase the odds that I’ll actually be where the puck is going…

As a lifelong learner, I love to share great finds, and “It’s All About the Questions” certainly fits the bill…

Enjoy the episodes...

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