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It’s summertime and the living is easy… Part 1

Shoot almost forgot it’s 2020 for a moment… But, since it’s 2020 and I’m being forced to change and evolve to survive - I’ve switched from reading books on the beach to listening to podcasts and I’ve got a great one for you if you like great interviews and are a student of indirect channels.

The Channel Journeys Podcast is fantastic, compelling, and holds my interest. Please allow me to share with you the main reasons I tune in and follow Channel Journeys:

  1. The show has great guests who are passionate and interesting…

  2. The host, Rob Spee, gets the hell out of the way and lets the interviewees tell their story…

  3. The shows are very diverse and have an exceptional cadence…

The importance of the 2nd point cannot be overstated. It’s tough for a host not to become part of the story. Rob does a great job of adding to the episode, but never distracts the audience or the person whom he’s interviewing.

The series is exceptional, and I’ve benefitted quite a bit from the content and dialog. The funny part is that I don’t agree with half of the guest’s viewpoints, however, that is what learning is all about.

Challenging yourself and being aware of your own blind spots and being willing to change your thinking by listening to someone who is smarter or has a different experience allows you to break through the boundaries that hold many back. Channel Journeys has truly helped me be more valuable to my own audience.

I’ll share another podcast recommendation with you next week. As a lifelong learner, I love to share great finds…

Enjoy the episodes...

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