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Aircraft Carriers, Cybersecurity and COVID-19

What do they have in Common?

They all use a layered approach to maximize protection against threats to ensure security in-depth while lowering the risk associated with utilizing a single method to limit exposure to hazards. One line of defense is no defense at all…

Aircraft Carriers

In addition to being the centerpiece of an Aircraft Carrier Battle Group, individual Aircraft Carriers create a vortex of protection by creating multiple layers of defense that extend miles and miles beyond the flight deck.

The approach includes Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS), Jet Fighters, Helicopters, Sub Hunters, and a plethora of automated onboard defense systems that allow the aircraft carrier and its escorts to safely traverse the world’s oceans with confidence that they are prepared to detect and respond to threats to keep America strong.


The most effective Cybersecurity protection design and architecture always consist of multiple layers of defense. Anti-virus or a firewall alone is not nearly enough to protect the vital systems, applications, and data that exist within today’s technology driven organizations.

Cybersecurity best practices, by default, prescribe a layered approach that includes protection from end-user devices, to the network, through the datacenter, and out to the cloud-based delivery infrastructures that businesses count on. In short, they look to create multiple hurdles that help to defend their vital assets.

Beyond anti-virus and firewalls, you can expect to see unified threat management (UTM) platforms, managed detection, and response (MDR) solutions, e-mail filtering, archiving, and encryption.

In addition, all of these approaches are combined with a host of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to provide for a solid multi-layered approach that ensures maximum protection.


In lieu of all of us being vaccinated, defending ourselves from the spread of COVID-19 can only be accomplished via a layered approach.

Today, there is no single approach that can prevent the spread of the virus. We’ve certainly seen the result of dropping our guard for a moment – 100,000 deaths in just over 30 days.

The good news is that all the COVID-19 protection layers are simple to understand and apply.

Wear a mask, ensure individuals do not have an elevated body temperature, leaving six feet of space between you and others, and wash your hands and sanitize things that have been touched.

Please see It’s Simple MATH – ( for a solid approach towards protecting yourself and others from COVID.

So, hopefully, you’ve seen from these examples how the best defense to almost any threat is to construct multiple layers of protection that force an adversary to deal with numerous hurdles.

The aggressors, whether they be enemy states, cybercriminals, or an invisible virus that came out of nowhere are unrelenting - so please Layer Up – it is a cold and dangerous world out there.

Be safe…

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