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My Love is Endless & Recurring…

Most days are spent with my head in the clouds, however, truth be told my heart truly belongs to subscription-based recurring revenue… Think about it – the cloud is all about high-energy, lust for growth and something new. I need cloud, I just must wrap myself in cloud, cloud’s new, exciting and different. Damn, cloud makes me feel young again!

Sure, there is a visceral excitement that surrounds cloud that can’t be denied, but for long-term stability and love - create a life-long romance with a subscription-based monthly recurring revenue model.

Every month your love and profit will expand and grow. The investments you make in nurturing this relationship will pay dividends throughout your entire business lifespan. It’s a love affair that is truly worthwhile pursuing.

You’ve read the articles, pets and embracing subscription-based monthly recurring revenue models improves your health, enhances your outlook and makes life worth living.

I know, you can’t just abruptly end that transactional relationship you’ve had for so many years. Shoot, it hasn’t always been perfect, and the world knows there were high-points and good times over the years.

But when you truly reflect upon the affair, weren’t there just as many low-points over the years and it’s tough getting up every month or quarter only to start again with nothing – with all you’ve put into the relationship, why do you consistently have to start at $0?

Look in the mirror, you still have plenty of time left to create new and sustainable love. You deserve the stability that a subscription-based monthly recurring revenue model will bring you.

Plus, you can use your subscription-based monthly recurring revenue model as the cornerstone that’s perfectly positioned to extend your love beyond the cloud to IoT, mobility or security. Everyone wants in on subscription and consumption, find your match.

So, I implore you on this Valentine’s Day to take a fresh look at a subscription-based monthly recurring revenue model.

Once you find the love, stability and satisfaction it brings, you’ll never wake up on the morning of the 1st - all disheveled, disgusted and incoherently mumbling “why the hell am I starting at zero all over again”?

Stay Calm and Subscription On…

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