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The Pig is Committed… R U?

Creating and driving a Cloud and IoT digital business entails building a solid subscription-based monthly recurring revenue friendly business model, while running and growing your legacy business. It’s not an either or situation, you must do both…

This requires pig-headed determination and commitment. Every time the word commitment is mentioned within ear shot, I always think of one of my favorite fables.

The Tale

The business parable of “The Chicken and the Pig” is all about commitment. When creating a ham and egg breakfast, the pig provides the ham which requires the ultimate sacrifice, while the chicken offers the eggs which are not difficult to produce.

Thus, the pig is truly committed to the meal whereas the chicken is only involved, yet both are needed to produce the dish. Sometimes, the story is presented as a riddle:

Well, if you’re thinking that it’s finally time to take a bite of the cloud and digital services apple... You better be prepared for a hell of a lot more than just a technology pivot.

A Foundational Change

This is all about a fundamental business and organizational model change (BTW: the first real one in our business lives as MSP’ & IT Solution Providers) that will require you to create, develop and integrate a solid subscription-based monthly recurring revenue business model and pair it with your existing legacy model.

So, essentially, you’re committing to create a Hybrid Business Model… And that’s a major commitment that goes way beyond change - it’s a transformation…

Evolution and Transition

Transformations take time and can be very complex, but if you’re truly committed and you’ve decided to not just be opportunistic and loosely participate like our friend the chicken, you’ll need to think about and get your head around some important fundamental principles.

Help in moving Forward

Some visionary vendor & distribution leaders who are altering their business models, while working hard to help their partner communities business transformation efforts include Veeam (@veeam), Avaya (@Avaya), Westcon (@WestconComstor), VMware (@VMwarevSphere), Microsoft (@MSCloud) and Cisco Systems (@Cisco_IoT).

Five (5) Major Commitments

The major commitments you’ll have to make near-term if you’re looking to create a business that delivers consistent & growing monthly revenues includes:

  • Make one last gut check – are we truly committed, and will we make the changes needed…

  • Define what it means to be monthly recurring revenue ready – most don’t and aren’t…

  • Perform a baseline business readiness assessment – what gaps exist today…

  • Create a business readiness roadmap – assign ownership and close critical gaps…

  • Execute the shit out of the plan and don’t get distracted – the organization will resist…

Obviously, there is much to do, however, without pig-headed commitment to seize the opportunity – all the other happy talk in the world won’t make a bit of difference and you’ll be stuck in neutral while others grow and grow and grow.

Stay Calm and Hybrid Business Model On…

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